Dream of: 22 September 1978 "Stuffed Bears"

My mother and I were in the Gay Street House. Even though my father had married Kay, my mother was still working for my father in the House. My mother showed me some new jackets she had bought for herself. She needed one for every day of the week because she had to meet the public every day.

Kay had appropriated the downstairs kitchen and the living room next to the kitchen for herself. Several stuffed bears resembling ones which might be won at a fair were in the living room. As I looked at the stuffed bears, I imagined myself at the fair and I actually found myself with my mother at a game booth where people threw nickels into little circles to win stuffed animals. People could also throw other things, such as jewels, into the circles.

Marjean (a former high school schoolmate) and two other girls walked up. They all looked beautiful. I wanted to tell them I had just returned to the United States after traveling abroad.

Suddenly, however, I again found myself in the living room of the Gay Street House, looking at the stuffed animals. One red and white animal was quite large and looked like one I had once won at a fair.

My mother (who was also in the living room) had just received a note from Kay. The note said that my mother could use the living room. Although Kay had coveted the living room for a long time, she had finally decided to simply live upstairs and allow my mother to occupy the living room downstairs.

My mother told me my second cousin Don was working for my father selling between $200 and $250 worth of insulation a week (my father owned a factory which manufactured insulation). I figured Don's commission for selling that much insulation that would only be around $37.50, which didn't sound like much.

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