Dream of: 15 September 1978 "IQ"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio in a house which seemed to be owned by my father and my mother. In the room with me was Vickie's father, speaking with someone on the telephone. Since I wanted to hear the phone conversation, I picked up an extension phone to listen in. Unfortunately, Vickie's father and the other person were speaking a foreign language which I couldn't understand.

My mother was also in the room with us; she showed me four letters in envelopes with pretty stamps. The letters had arrived for me that morning; I was happy to have received them.

I finally realized I was in the Gay Street House, in my father's office on the ground floor. My father wasn't there and I wasn't expecting him to return for two more hours. Since I had a little marijuana with me, I thought of going upstairs to smoke it, but I decided not to.

I remembered my father had hidden some money over top a mantel in his office and I decided to take some. Even though other people were there in the office with me, I climbed up over the mantel and took some of the money.

Two more people then walked into the office, one of whom was Mohl (an acquaintance from Portsmouth). He and I needed to conduct a business transaction. We did so, and exchanged some money. After we had finished our business, I didn't want to continue talking with him; but he just stayed on.

Suddenly my father walked in looking rather angry. I wanted to explain to him that I had only been doing business in the office, and that no one had seen where the money was stashed.

I walked upstairs where I found Duff and Ramo. The three of us lay down fully clothed on a bed together and began talking about IQ's. Neither Duff nor Ramo trusted the idea of IQ's. Ramo said when he had been 3 years old, he had taken an IQ test and had received a score of 37. Duff said when he had been five he had received a score of 55. I told them when I had been seven I had taken an IQ test and I had received a score of 127. I had always trusted the score because it had placed me in the top 90% of people in intelligence, and academically I had generally placed in about the 90% range.

Ramo and Duff wanted to talk about sex. I wondered why they were still single since they seemed good-looking enough.

I looked out the window and saw Kathy Maynard (a former junior high school classmate) carrying a briefcase in the street. She didn't see me. I wondered how many people had seen me at times without my seeing them.

I smoked some marijuana. I felt as if I would like to see Vickie.

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