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Dream of: 13 September 1978 "Selling Insulation"

I was driving around Portsmouth, Ohio in my van which I used in my insulation business; I was looking for Mike Walls. I stopped at the Gay Street House and left a red jacket I had been wearing there. I then went to Mike's parents' home on Jackson Street where I found Mike's mother, Virgie Walls, and his sister, Carol Walls. They were upset because they said Mike had left and gone to Nevada. I knew Mike had been out of work for quite a long time and I figured that he had probably gone to Nevada to search for a job. Although Mike owed me $10, I wasn't  concerned about the money.

I left and next pulled up to the house next door to the house where Vickie lived on Hutchins Street. My mother was there. The woman who owned the house said she was thinking of having it insulated. I hadn't really stopped to sell insulation, but I decided I wanted to do so since I was already there. But then my father showed up and sold the job. My mother consoled me, saying I had another deal waiting.

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