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Dream of: 06 August 1978 "Frodo"

Tom Smith and I had apparently just been released from prison in Iran. After release, we had traveled to a German-speaking country and were now in what appeared to be an alpine resort area. The house in which we were staying seemed like an A-frame situated on the side of the mountain. The place beautiful; I wanted to stay there. Tom decided he wanted to stay also, but he needed to find some kind of work. We began looking in the newspapers in the help-wanted section, but we couldn't find anything. I had decided to teach English and anticipated having no problems finding work. Tom however didn't know German. I offered to go with him when he looked for work and help with the language; but he declined.

Tom then disappeared and Frodo (a character from J.R. Tolkien's novel Lord of the Rings) took his place. Frodo had always been an extremely jovial character, but had now become terribly melancholy because he couldn't find work. He would search daily and return home despondent. One evening, Frodo stormed in and declared that if he couldn't find honest work, he would become a heroin dealer; at least there was a demand for heroin dealers. His decision disturbed me. I was also shocked to learn Frodo had been married or semi-married before. His wife had been unfaithful and had left him. She, however, was now about to have his child.

In our village was another young girl with whom Frodo had fallen in love. About that time I began to merge mentally with Frodo. We still had two distinct bodies, but more and more - only one mind. One morning I awoke and went to Frodo's cabin we now had separate cabins and I discovered Frodo was gone. He had left some clothes and two pair of boots sitting on the porch. One of the pairs of was tan leather. Everyone was sad and happy at the same time. Frodo had been going through a moral crisis, but now he had resolved it. He had decided not to sell heroin and to leave the village forever.

By now, Frodo and I were more or less the same mentally. I was supposed to marry his pretty girlfriend and on the wedding day, she and I stood before the minister. Someone gave her a piece of paper which contained only the words, "I do." I was given a little box.

As the ceremony proceeded, we noticed Frodo standing out on the corner of the street. He was carrying a duffel bag. When the wedding ended, the bride quickly went to him. I disappeared and became one with Frodo. Frodo was singing instead of talking. It was more like he was talking in poetry. He was professing his love. He declared that his sorrow was over and in the duffel bag he had a gift. The duffel bag was on top of a large bicycle. As Frodo and the bride approached it, two little hands and a nose could be seen inside the duffel bag. Frodo had stolen his child from his former wife and now declared to his new bride that they would escape together with the child to a new life.

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