Dream of: 30 July 1978 "Mexican Women"

For some reason (which had something to do with my passport) my father had forced me to go to Europe to terminate a business affair in which I was involved and which he didn't like. Once in Europe, I decided to rebel against my father's instructions; I took a plane to Mexico and traveled to a town in the interior which I had once visited. I found a cheap hotel on a side street and then crossed the street to change some money at a money exchange. I pulled two five dollar bills from my billfold and laid them on the counter.

The money changer's back was to me; when he turned toward me, three $100 bills were lying on the counter. When he asked me how much money I wanted to change, I motioned to all the money lying on the counter. First he gave me the change for the $10. Then after thinking a moment (as if he weren't quite sure of something) he began to count out change for me for the $300. At first I was elated at the idea of receiving the money for the $300; but as he started to hand it to me, I motioned him back and indicated the money belonged to him.

I walked off happy and as I began walking through the streets, another light-haired fellow began walking with me. I spotted two young ladies in front of us and I immediately approached one. As she walked along I casually placed my arm about her waist and suavely began talking, "Ladies, can you imagine someone having the opportunity to acquire $300 and turning it down simply because he was too honest. My friend here is such a man, for the money changer back there made a mistake and was going to give him $300 too much until my friend stopped him and pointed out his mistake."

The girls took a quick liking to us and I was happier than I had been in a long time. We walked along and I suggested we could go play cards and gamble, but then I laughed out that I wasn't a gambler. One girl suggested we go drink a beer and I said why not. The two girls ran ahead and ducked into an outhouse. We ran along behind and I shouted, "We've just come from Europe. We've been everywhere and the women in Mexico are the most beautiful in the world."

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