Dream of: 29 July 1978 (2) "Beautiful Oaxaca"

Weinstein and I were in a small restaurant in New York City. I had only recently arrived in New York; I would be leaving soon to travel to Tehran, Iran. I told Weinstein that Tehran was the worst city in which I had ever lived. I began to ask myself why I was returning there. I thought of Mexico City, Mexico; I told Weinstein that Mexico City was better than Teheran, but was still much too crowded and polluted. I also remembered Oaxaca; I told Weinstein that Oaxaca was beautiful unpolluted and not too big. And the Indians in Oaxaca were so flamboyant. Oaxaca was the place I really wanted to go.

Weinstein said he never made appointments anymore; he never set a date on which he would do something.

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