Dream of: 29 July 1978 "Damaged Heart"

My heart had been damaged in an accident; I was going to have to have an operation. Apparently I was in some sort of medical center. A man was with me and he called another man on the phone, a doctor, who could perform the operation on my heart. He spoke German to the man and so I was unsure whether my surgeon would speak English. After the phone was hung up, I was told to walk down a corridor and the doctor would be waiting for me on the left. I was told the doctor's name was Adenaur, an Asian name. I walked off muttering that it didn't sound like an Asian name to me, but rather a German name.

Somehow I became lost while walking through the corridors. Stairs, hallways, escalators and crowds of people were everywhere. Apparently other people were likewise trying to find doctors, because the people were approaching me and asking me if certain doctors were here.

The exertion from walking was causing my heart great pain. I put my hand on my breast and felt my heart beating violently. After about an hour, I began asking people for Dr. Adenaur. Finally a fellow stood up from a bench where he had been sitting and announced he was Dr. Adenaur.

He looked like he was about 15 years old, but I thought he must be in his early 20s. He wore bright, sparkling braces on his teeth. They blazed when he smiled. By now I was in great pain and in no condition to argue. He said it would be a short while before the operation would begin, and we could wait in an adjoining waiting room where there were books. I told him I would particularly like to see a book on the anatomy of the heart to clarify to myself what was going to be done to mine.

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