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Dream of: 24 July 1978 "Music Director"

Austin (a fellow with whom I had attended middle school and high school in Portsmouth, Ohio) had set up a coffee percolator in the old Karmel Korn shop (next to the Columbia movie theater in Portsmouth), and was selling coffee from the shop. When I walked up to the shop, Austin was standing in front, while Vickie (my girlfriend for a short while, about five years younger than I) was working for Austin inside the shop. I approached Austin and spoke with him. He had attended law school and he now formed an impressive figure. When I asked him about his expenses in running the shop, he elucidated the costs for me; he was making a nice profit. He wanted to sell other things from the shop, but he lacked the capital.

Vickie walked outside and stood with us. Austin was apparently unaware that Vickie and I were nearly engaged; he was obviously attempting to romantically attract her.

The following morning I was in a house and I was preparing to go to school where the classes began at 8 a.m. I was thinking about how Vickie and I had broken up, and I was considering visiting her at her house. I desperately wanted to speak with her, but I did not want to give her the impression that I wanted to again begin our old romance. So I decided not to go to her house. If she wanted to see me, I thought she would be walking around the streets, just as I was.

It was 8:03 when I looked at the clock. I had to hurry so I would not be late to school. When I arrived at the school I realized I had been chosen to be the music director for some songs in a play by Shakespeare. The play (which had the word "Twelve" in its title) was to be performed in connection with a class reunion. I reached a room filled with old classmates, but I hesitated to enter because I was wearing a costume. Nevertheless I walked into the room and discovered that everyone else was also wearing a costume. Roger Anderson (another old school classmate) was wearing an ill-fitting Tarzan costume.

I left the classroom, walked to the principal's office and sat down. When a pretty young lady appeared and sat beside me, I opened a conversation. We talked about the play. I held her hand which was about the size of a quarter.

An offensive young man entered and grabbed my shirt collar. After I pushed him away from me, a slight struggle ensued. I knew he and I would be brought in front of the officials for fighting.

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