Dream of: 23 July 1978 "Freeing The Animals"

I had been drafted into the armed service. Where I was however appeared more like a university. I entered a building which resembled the music building at Ohio University, Athens. I poked about through some rooms. One room seemed to be a type of music room because music stands were in it. The people sitting around in the building seemed indeed to be a stolid bunch. I bemoaned my fate of having been thrust into the military.

A restaurant which seemed like a Big Mac place was in the building. I sat down at a table and was soon joined by another fellow about my age with whom I had earlier apparently been discussing some books. A third fellow also joined us and asked me if I'd like a martini. I declined. But then the first fellow asked me if I would like something else like a sangria or a bloody mary and I said I would. It wasn't until I had the drink in my hand that I remembered I had decided to quit drinking alcohol completely. But then it was too late.

The girl behind the counter was a dark-haired beauty. My new friend told me she was his sister. Earlier he had also told me his sister had written a book which we had been discussing, but he now explained that that was a different sister. We sat back at the table.

The fellow at the table with me had now opened a book which I saw was a Latin grammar. I was surprised and inquired how long he had been learning Latin. He said two and a half years. I mentioned that I likewise had once studied a bit of Latin, but I failed purposely to mention that Latin had been my major in college. I was actually ashamed of the present state of my Latin. I asked him if he could speak any. He replied no, and I suggested we might try conversing in Latin. I stumbled over a few words. We walked outside through the streets and he suddenly became quite eloquent and began babbling away in Latin. I understood, however, practically nothing.

I left the fellow and went to a little shack. A woman was in the room with me. I then went out back. Apparently a war had erupted. Several cages containing various sorts of animals were out back. It was like a zoo. A child was freeing the animals. He had already freed some dogs and lions. One large cage had many grayish-white baboons in it. The bar on the cage had been undone  I became terribly frightened because I knew the baboons were strong and dangerous. I ran back quickly to a shed which stood behind the shack and quickly slammed the door. But a baboon had followed me and managed to cram it's foot in the door so the door wouldn't completely close. Someone else was with me and I screamed with terror for his assistance. Together we managed to drive the baboon back and shut the door. The baboons launched a furious assault on the door but were unable to break it down. As the pounding subsided, I ventured a peek out and when I saw no baboons, I made a dash for the door of the shack.

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