Dream of: 20 May 1978 "He Leadeth Me"

Lying in a bed, unsure where I was, I didn't want to open my eyes to find out. Actually, I felt incapable of opening my eyes. I contemplated the notion that I was in Portsmouth, Ohio, or perhaps in Germany. I was hoping I wasn't in Portsmouth: I wanted to find myself in Germany. But I couldn't conclude that I was in either place. Finally, after listening to the noises which surrounded me, I realized I was at Steve Weinstein's studio apartment in Manhattan and I felt quite satisfied with that realization.

I thought I heard Steve return to the apartment. I felt his presence and could hear him making a sighing sound as if he were disgusted to return only to find me sleeping.

I got up and Steve and I went for a walk. He turned the corner of a street and I heard music in the building beside me. It seemed to be Ukrainian music. I began clapping my hands. To my left I saw about three couples doing a lively, synchronized dance. Farther behind them was another group of people.

I became lucid. I was enjoying the experience and I simply wanted to flow with it. I soon reached the people, who seemed to be engaged in yoga exercises. They seemed to be a Christian group. I sat down and placed myself in a lotus pose. I noted that the others seemed incapable of mastering the position. They began singing a song, "He leadeth me."

I also began singing.

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