Dream of: 05 November 1977 "Woman's Rights Movement"

It was a few days before Christmas and I was at my mother's home. Steve Weinstein had come home for vacation and was visiting me. He was upstairs getting ready to go out with my mother, his parents and me to a movie.

When he came down the stairs I was quite surprised. He was wearing a black jacket, a black cape and a black derby hat. A rather short girl was with him: at first I thought was quite young, I finally realized she was in her early 20s. Her hair, which was black and cut in a Cleopatra-style, fell almost to her shoulders. She was introduced to me and the first three letters of her first name were Riv. Weinstein explained the letters of the name had been formed from the first letters of a woman's rights movement. The first word in the name of the movement was "River."

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