Dream of: 05 October 1977 "Labyrinth"

I was sitting on the porch of the Gay Street House. Several people were inside at a meeting. I had previously taken part in the meetings, but today I didn't feel like it. I looked inside the House; the carpet was no longer there, but had been replaced by linoleum. About ten people came and entered the House. I remained on the porch because I felt as if my father didn't want me to take part anymore in the meetings.

Randy Ramey came walking down the street. He was wearing a jacket and a pullover and looked quite sharp. I spoke with him and he said he was selling insurance now. The insurance he was selling wasn't life insurance or accident insurance, but a religious insurance that paid for all these things.

He left and I remained alone on the porch. I was nude. I had a pair of pants with me but I wasn't wearing them. The people at the gas station across the street could clearly see I was nude. Down the street stood the Alexandria House, a large old-age home. But now it seemed like a gas station. I pulled on my pants and decided to leave.

I headed across the street toward the church which sits there; I went through the alley between the church and the Alexandria House. I decided to take a shortcut and turned into a house situated nearby. It seemed like a labyrinth inside. There were many rooms and many people lived in the different rooms. I opened a door and a woman screamed; she wanted to know what I was doing there. An alarm sounded. I finally found the outside door and fled. I ran through the streets until I found a group of poor people selling vegetables;  I decided to stay with them for a while.

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