Dream of: 20 April 1977 "Decrepit Sick People"

While I was in Mexico, my father and someone who seemed like my brother Chris came to visit me. They both entered my room, which seemed somewhat different from the one in which I had actually been living.

Not wanting to be around my father, I walked downstairs and crossed over into another building. I ascended the stairs of the other building and came up to a floor on the same level as my room. From there I hoped to find a crack in the wall through which I could watch my father's actions.

When I entered a room, I found it inhabited by an assortment of decrepit, sick people, and I made some slight noises, causing everyone to jump as if they feared I would hurt them. Some people were lying on their beds and some were slumping in their chairs. The miasmic air made the room seem like a leper colony. Dirty trays and plates lay scattered on the floor; the place reminded me of the Gallipolis State Institute, a mental hospital near Gallipolis. Not wanting to stay, I turned to leave. A hollow-faced man sat up in his bed and watched me exit.

I hurriedly raced down the stairs, wanting to get out of here before I became infected. At the bottom of the stairs I bumped into two men (each about 20 years old). They seemed intoxicated on alcohol and wanted to pick a fight. I looked through the hall out into the street where I could see two uniformed men.

I managed to make it past the two belligerent men and back out into the street. I reentered the building where I lived. It seemed like a hotel and a desk clerk were here. The two belligerent men overtook me and were preparing to beat me.

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