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Dream of: 04 April 1977 (2) "Artistic"

I was sitting in a booth in a restaurant with two pretty young girls (about 17 years old). They were both sitting on one side of the booth while I was sitting in a chair on the other side. At my side was a window adjacent to a sidewalk. I hadn't known the girls long and had seen them only once before. A girlfriend and her boyfriend were supposed to meet us so we could all go somewhere together. As I looked out the window I saw the boyfriend walk by. He looked a bit dressed up and I was apprehensive my clothes were too shabby. But since I was wearing my beige sweater and a brown tie, I wasn't too concerned.

I talked with the girls, but I didn't feel comfortable because I didn't know them well. The girl sitting closest to me had long, black hair and pretty features. She was wearing a red dress. She reminded me of Dykes (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and I told her so. But actually she was prettier than Dykes. But I told her that every time I looked at her I associated her with Dykes. I also mentioned Dykes used to work in a dentist's office.

I asked her to sit on my lap and to my surprise, she did so without hesitation. But once she was on my lap she seemed inordinately large and her head seemed to tower over mine. Her breast, however, was on a level with my face and she kept pressing it into my mouth. It was soft and delicate and I enjoyed the feel of it.

The other girl then stood up and went to the far end of the restaurant. The dimensions of the room seemed to change and it was almost as if the walls were curved. I seemed to be looking down a long tube about three meters in diameter. I could see her at the opposite end of the tube.

I wanted to make conversation and began saying that at a certain point in life, people usually begin to think about marriage, and often begin to have an idea of the kind of person they would like to marry. I asked the girl at the other end of the room if she had an idea. She said she did and I said, "Describe him."

She first said he would be cute. At that point something ensnared her attention and she turned away for a moment. The girl on my lap giggled and said, "Well, that eliminates about half the people."

The other girl then looked back and said, "He'd be intelligent."

I then thought that that would take away the other half. The girl then said he would be brusque. I thought she had meant to say "witty" and had gotten the word confused with "burlesque." But I inferred she meant "witty."

Up until the quality of "witty" had been brought up, I had thought I would be in the running. But since I didn't think I was a witty person, I now felt disheartened.

At that point I needed a pencil and paper to figure up what percentage of people would be "brusque." However the girl on my lap objected when I began searching my pockets and she said we could figure it up in our heads.

I began thinking about what criteria I would use in choosing a wife and my first thought was "artistic."

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