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Dream of: 04 April 1977 "Fending Off A Dog With My Flute"

While at a party at the Grandview Avenue House, I was lying on the couch with Missi, who was totally nude. We were both intoxicated on alcohol. It was late in the morning and I wanted Missi to go upstairs and have sex with me. She was resisting the idea, but I almost had her convinced. She said she didn't want me to think there was anything deep between us. I responded as diplomatically as I could that I simply wanted to have sex with her and not fall in love with her.

Tubbs (a Portsmouth acquaintance) walked in with a large white dog; he ordered Missi and me off the couch. I was in no position to argue with him. He began saying something about having taken pictures of Missi and me lying sprawled out on the couch. In my oblivious state, I had been unaware of that. He then escorted Missi outside.

I sat down on the couch and leaned my head back, whereupon I touched a peculiar stringed musical instrument which resembled a lute, only much longer. The owner of the instrument rushed over and grabbed it. I then picked up my flute and sauntered to the front door.

I wanted to see what was happening out front. Missi was running up the street being chased by someone. I returned inside for a moment and then went back out onto the front porch. The person who had been chasing Missi now held both her and Tubbs in his hands and was pounding their heads (especially Tubbs) on the sidewalk. I became frightened. Since I knew Tubbs was the toughest person around, if that fellow could do that to Tubbs, he could pulverize me. I supposed he was angry because Tubbs was with Missi. I was afraid someone might show him the photos of Missi and me together; I had better go back inside. But I now found my way blocked by the large, white dog. I pushed the dog back by placing the mouth of my flute in the dog's growling mouth. I was thus able to reach the front door.

Once inside, I headed to the kitchen in the back of the House where I saw two sweaters lying on a chair by the refrigerator. I picked them both up. One was my beige and red sweater with the inwoven picture of the reindeer and Christmas tree on the front. The other was a blue one which I had never seen before. I dropped the blue one (although it was the nicer of the two), put on the beige one and went out the back door into the alley.

I decided to cut quickly across the yard of the house on the other side of the alley and try to get to Mound Park, which was only a block away. From there I could either try to reach the Gay Street House or call a taxi.

Just as I entered a vacant lot on the other side of the alley, a white car came through the alley. I thought it was someone looking for me and I crouched in fear behind a fuel oil tank.

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