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Dream of: 20 March 1977 (2) "Getting Along With Ghosts"

I was with a girl I once knew in Columbus named Eddy. We were traveling together on our way to New York and were close to the city. We stopped and spent the night in a modern-style house virtually devoid of furniture. Eddy and I slept together. Even though I didn't find her attractive because she was rather obese, I still became aroused by being so close to her during the night. Close to morning I manipulated her hand until it was on the outside of my undershorts on my penis. I then again moved her warm hand inside my undershorts until she clasped my throbbing penis. Finally I slipped off my undershorts and we began squirming around the bed together. I wasn't interested in her body, but I did want to insert my penis into her mouth. But I couldn't seem to position myself correctly.

We finally arose, walked outside and sat on the front lawn near another person. I kept looking at my watch trying to see the time, but the light from the sun hampered my vision. Eddy looked at my watch and said it was 11 o'clock. But I wasn't satisfied with that and I kept trying to see the watch myself. Finally I saw it was actually 5 o'clock. I looked out at the horizon and saw the sun was on my right and close to the land. I indicated to Eddy that the west was to our right, the east was to our left and the south was straight ahead. The sun was therefore just abut to set in the west and the time must be about 5 p.m. We therefore had slept through the whole day.

I returned alone to the house and decided to spend another night here. I was thinking of simply moving into the house on a more permanent basis. I talked to someone here about the idea and he mentioned that the house was haunted. I then began hearing noises in the house and I began going from room to room trying to find out what was making the noise. But whenever I would go to one room, I would hear a noise from another room and I became more and more apprehensive. Just as I had finished examining one room and had begun walking down the hall away from it, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and saw a man coming out of the room I had just been in.

He was about two and a half meters tall, and stout. He could hardly fit through the door and he stood in the doorway measuring himself beside it. I was, to say the least, astonished. I approached him, demanded to know who he was and asked what business he had here. In my hand I was holding the metal leg of a kitchen chair, and when he didn't respond, I hit him over the head with it. He didn't even seem to notice and I was sorry I had hit him. He began rambling from room to room as if he were looking for something. Meanwhile the noises continued.

Finally I walked into the kitchen and saw the sink full of dishes. A glass began rising by itself out of the sink and floated through the air. Finally it dropped and smashed on the floor. The same thing happened again with another glass and I became thoroughly convinced the house was haunted. I decided it was time for me to leave. I returned to the bedroom to pack my clothes and found the room in utter disorder. Things were flying all about through the air.

Another person whom I recognized as a friend arrived. I told him I was leaving because the place was haunted and I showed him the evidence. But actually I didn't want to leave.

I walked back out into the hall where I again found the tall man and I told him I was sorry for having hit him on the head. He seemed unconcerned and he proceeded to search for something. I finally concluded that ghosts weren't necessarily bad creatures if one could simply learn to get along with them.

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