Dream of: 18 March 1977 "Vampires"

Birdie, Rick Mauk (an acquaintance from Portsmouth) and I had traveled for about four hours from Portsmouth deep into the mountains of either Kentucky or West Virginia; we had finally arrived at a large house were I was planning to have a vasectomy. We entered and seated ourselves in the front room. As the night passed, I began to perceive something wasn't right in the house and I began having many second thoughts about having the vasectomy.

Through the window of the room I could see an old, insane-looking woman sitting on the window sill of a neighboring house. Sometimes she would hang from the sill, sometimes she would put herself in grotesque positions and distort her face.

The house we were in began to seem haunted; midway through the night I decided we must leave as quickly as possible. But somehow my car had disappeared. I decided we could either remain in the house and stay awake all night, or I could call my father. Since it was already about 3 a.m. and I didn't want to wake my father at such an hour, I decided it would be better to wait until morning and then take a bus. We would probably reach Portsmouth just as quickly as we would if my father were to come to fetch us.

The time passed in a flash suddenly it was light outside. As I sat in a chair by the window, something which appeared to be a body clothed in white fell down past the window from above. I heard a crash on the ground and when I looked outside, I saw the old woman again. She raised her head and peered at me through the window. She contorted her head in frightening ways which made me shiver.

The wife of the man who was going to perform the vasectomy walked into the room. I told her I had changed my mind. Rick pointed to a pile of firewood and since I sensed I was going to need a weapon to leave, I picked up a sturdy stick from the pile. I told Rick and Birdie we must leave at once. But just then the doctor entered. By this time it was around 7 a.m. It surprised me to see the doctor enter the room, because I thought he had been sleeping upstairs all the time. He stood in front of the door, while some of his children came in and began running around. I suddenly thrust one end of my stick into the mouth of one of the children. I had suddenly realized they were all vampires; I struggled to get away from them.

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