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Dream of: 13 March 1977 (2) "Garden Club"

While my sister and I were at the Gay Street House, we decided to visit my mother, who had moved from Portsmouth to the neighboring community of Rosemount, and who was presently taking care of my sister's baby. My sister and I boarded a car which my sister was driving and we headed toward Rosemount. As we rode along I asked my sister why she didn't stop dating her boyfriend, James. She immediately became infuriated and intimated that I should mind my own business. We started fighting and exchanged several blows. I lashed out at her and slapped her several times until she finally calmed down.

I then leaned over and began kissing her mouth. When she responded, I began feeling her breast, slipped my hand between her legs, ran my hand up under the pair of loose shorts she was wearing, and began caressing her vagina. I pulled my erect penis out of my pants and attempted to insert it into her vagina, but I had a premature ejaculation which left a white puddle of sperm on my leg.

When we arrived in Rosemount, we passed a school which had just released its children.

Since I was planning to live with my mother, I thought I would be spending some time in the area and I wondered if there was a garden club or any similar little societies there.

We reached my mother's home, a one-story apartment with other apartments on both sides. I became upset because the neighbor boys had left their bicycles in the driveway, leaving us hardly any room to park. I said something would have to be done about that.

When we entered the house (the atmosphere of which reminded me of a house in which my girlfriend Birdie had been living in Wheelersburg, Ohio), I saw my sister's child on the couch. The child looked as if it were about two months old; it had blond hair and smiled incessantly. I sat down next to it and began playing with it.

My mother was looking through her mail for a check she had been expecting. We were all planning to visit my grandmother Leacy, and my mother wanted to have a bit of money to take with her. The check however hadn't arrived.

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