Dream of: 11 March 1977 "Pumping The Brakes"

Buckner and I were in a strange town in a car which I was driving. I dropped Buckner off somewhere and told him I was going to go buy some beer.

I arrived at a small carry-out (little more than one room two meters square), walked in through a door in the back which led to a side room and found therein a most peculiar bowling alley. At the end of three or four short lanes were set miscellaneous beer bottles in random order to take the place of pins. The bowling balls consisted of beer cans. Men were furiously throwing the cans at the bottles, causing a great deal of commotion.

I slipped back into the carry-out section and tried to make up my mind what kind of beer to buy. There were various sized brown beer bottles and cans. After much deliberation, I decided to simply purchase a six pack. After I handed the man the beer, he rang it up and told me it would cost $2.82. I first hesitated, thinking the price was exorbitant, then declined altogether. I told him I had decided not to buy. He didn't seem perturbed. He gave me some leaflets which apparently contained some advertising.

I left the store, boarded my car, and drove down an alley in search of another carry-out. I was thinking about how much each bottle of beer would cost and I calculated that 6 times 40 equaled 240 and 42 divided by 6 equaled 7, but somehow I confused the 40 with 60 and reasoned that each bottle would have cost over 60 cents.

At the end of the alley I saw a gas station and now confused the buying of the beer with the buying of gas. The sign was for Red Top gasoline and read 52.9 per gallon. I began thinking 52.9 was certainly much cheaper than the sixty-some cents I would have had to pay at the carry-out, and I was glad I had decided to look around before I had bought. I began thinking about how much I would spend for gas.

As I approached the station, I discovered to my chagrin, that my brakes wouldn't work. I kept pumping the brake peddle with no result. Would it be best to crash into a nearby gate to stop?

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