Dream of: 06 March 1977 (2) "Frisky Dog"

While I was in Portsmouth, I decided to pay Walls a visit. He had married and was living in a house in the country. I rode my motorcycle to his house about five kilometers from the town. Snow was on the ground.

At the large white house I found Walls, his wife and his Weimaraner dog, Hansel. First I walked into a large room, empty except for Hansel. In one corner of the room was a telephone pole. The dog ran toward the pole, leaped as high as he could upon it and barked thunderingly. Upon closer investigation, I found a Siamese cat hanging precariously at the top of the pole. I let the dog out and he immediately ran friskily about in the snow. A highway was in front of the house and I feared that he might run in front of a car and that I would be blamed for it.

Walls' wife walked into the room and I asked her if it was all right to let the dog out. She said yes. The dog was running in and out of traffic. It finally dashed across the street and began digging its way wildly into a large snowbank.

Walls' wife and I continued talking. She seemed much older than Walls, more like his mother. She mentioned Walls had a girlfriend who kept bothering them there. I then discovered that indeed the girlfriend and her father were in a car outside the house and Walls was out there talking with them.

The girl's father helped her out of the car, because she was disabled in the legs. She was short, plump and unattractive. Walls' wife sat calmly by and watched as the three of them entered the house and sat down.

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