Dream of: 15 February 1977 "Meeting In The Church Basement"

churches have some authority

While working as a portrait photographer for Master Portrait Studios in Wheelersburg, Ohio, I went to a meeting with some other photographers. Bob Stamper (my superior) - who was making shooting assignments - had failed, after assigning the work for the week, to give me a location to shoot. I pondered the situation for a moment and finally I flatly said, "I quit." Stamper looked a bit annoyed as I told him I would bring my photography equipment in.

I was in a hurry to unload the photography equipment from the trunk of my car because I wanted to say good-bye to the other photographers before they left. There seemed to be more female than male photographers. One female looked like a girl I had known in Columbus named Sue, but she seemed more like my old girlfriend, Birdie. I knew that I had once had strong feelings for her and now I wanted to say good-bye to her.

 I walked outside to my car to retrieve the photography equipment. It was snowing.

It seemed that my meeting with Stamper had been taking place in the basement of a church. It was Sunday morning and the parking lot of the church was crowded. After I boarded my car and started it up so I could back up to the back door, I saw that I would have to squeeze through two parked cars to reach the back door. In a hurry, I gunned my car as I tried to squeeze between the two cars. As I did so, my back end slid around and hit the front end of a green car.

I immediately stopped, stepped out of the car, and looked to see if there was any damage. My car was undamaged. At first I thought the green car was also undamaged, but then I noticed the paint on the front had been badly chipped. I looked at the spot and saw a kaleidoscope of different colors where the chip had occurred. A young lady stepped from the car, glanced at the chipped spot and then proceeded to the back door of the church to call - I assumed - the police.

My thoughts were tumbling one over the other as I attempted to survey the situation and determine my liability. As I tried at first to think of a way out, I first thought about suggesting that the young lady had run into me, but I decided that wasn't a good idea.

I climbed back in my car and backed up to the back door of the church. I thought - since the accident had occurred on a private parking lot - that the police would have no authority in the matter. So I began unloading my equipment from the trunk to take inside. I feared that Sue had already departed by now.

Dream Commentary of December 13, 2014

The Dream Journal web site resembles a church in that it is the edifice in which spiritual activity takes place. Like a church, the Dream Journal has a socially-connected congregation of people focused on spiritual matters.

One spiritual matter which I think applies to both church and the Dream Journal is: morals. Good and evil, and right and wrong, seem of paramount importance to both church and the Dream Journal. Although the members of a church will generally have a moral agenda, members of the Dream Journal are not united on such. Nevertheless, the moral connection is evident, if not in the Dream Journal per se, then within the dreams which form the spiritual material of the Dream Journal. In order for someone to be illuminated by an understanding of the core purpose of the Dream Journal, morals might need to be taken into consideration.

An example of a moral question is presented in this very dream when I contemplate blaming someone else for something which I had done.

I think a parallel will ultimately be drawn in my dreams between the basement of the church and a lower level of the Dream Journal. I believe - for me - the church basement will eventually be symbolical of the social interaction and commentary on the Dream Journal, while the upper level of the church proper will be reserved for the dreams themselves. As far as this little Dream-Journal church goes, I can't see the upper level functioning without the lower level. I do, however, see the lower level as ... well, lower. 

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