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Dream of: 10 February 1977 "Unwelcome Visitors"

My mother, who looked young, was lying in bed with me in the New Boston House (a house which my father built in 1969 in New Boston, a village next door to Portsmouth). She reminded me of a picture I had seen of her taken when she had been about 18 years old. After we had sex and I had an orgasm, she left.

While I waited for her to return, other people began showing up, including Steve Buckner (my good friend from high school), Jeff Morgan (a friend of Buckner's), and Mark Upton (another friend). Two families which I didn't even know also walked in. Each family included a father, mother and some children. I was angry that so many people had come because now I wouldn't be able to be alone with my mother if she returned. I was also angry with Buckner for having brought Morgan with him. I screamed at everyone that they shouldn't be there. The two families were quite surprised by my words.

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