Dream of: 06 February 1977 "Counterfeit Money"

I was in Puebla, Mexico at a window which looked like a bank teller's window. I was in some kind of domed hall and the window was one for exchanging money. It reminded me of a similar window which I had seen at the train station in Luxembourg. I had just given the woman some Mexican money. Among the notes I had handed her was one note for 20 pesos. She examined the note and said it was made from paper. She signified that it was counterfeit and that she couldn't accept it.

I had received that particular 20 peso note just a short time before from some agency for railroads. Either at the railroad agency or at someplace associated with it, I had exchanged some American money for Mexican. I remembered distinctly where I had obtained the 20 peso note. I even had a blue slip of paper which I took from my billfold; the paper had the evidence of the first place I had originally exchanged my money. Plus, in the upper half of the paper was an indication of the exchange for the 20 pesos. I was nervous but not frightened. The lady persisted in refusing to accept the money and she asked me if I wanted it back. I said, "No. Call the police."

She picked up a microphone to an intercom and said, "Polizei."

The word blared over the system. I looked over to my right and saw a policeman standing at a counter grinning at me. He was a tall lanky fellow (about 40 years old). He was Mexican and had a black mustache. He finally came over and began trying to speak to me.

By now I was quite nervous and I spoke in a high pitched, crackling tone. I talked earnestly about the matter, but without thinking, I said everything in German. The man didn't understand a word of what I said. I finally realized what I was doing and I began laboriously attempting to explain the matter in Spanish. I had to think about every word I spoke in Spanish whereas in German I had spoken spontaneously.

Another young fellow showed up whom I had never seen before. He was French and spoke no German. But he was fluent in Spanish and English. The policeman beckoned him over to assist. We spoke with each other for a short time and the policeman directed the fellow to accompany me back to where I had originally obtained the 20 peso piece. I walked out of the hall into the light and began trying to communicate with the peculiar fellow.

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