Dream of: 26 October 1976 "Jealousy Hinders Love"

I was in a house which resembled the New Boston House (a ranch style house which my father built in 1968 in the neighboring town of New Boston, Ohio, next door to Portsmouth). As I lay in bed sleeping, I could hear my father outside talking with his girlfriend Kay (twenty years younger than he). Earlier, my father had been with my mother, but since he and my mother had been unable to get along, he had returned to Kay. I overheard him ask Kay if she would marry him.

When I finally woke up and rose from the bed, I found many people in the house, including my uncle Liston (my mother's brother) and Liston's family. Apparently a family reunion was in process. 

I looked for my father and when I spotted him sitting outside on a blanket with Kay, I walked over to him and told him I wanted to speak with him. Kay immediately suspected why I wanted to talk with him and she began screaming. I took my father to the side anyway.

He and I walked down some outside stairs to the basement of the house. When I asked him if he were going to marry Kay, he seemed uncertain. After I told him I didn't think marrying her would be a good idea, he seemed palpably upset. I told him I had my reasons for thinking the way I did and I began to explain the reasons to him.

I said that Kay was a jealous person and that someone in love shouldn't be jealous. I said that jealousy hinders love and that a jealous person doesn't allow her lover to do anything for anyone else. That was why Kay would become angry when my father would do something for other people. For example, when he did something for me, she felt resentment toward me to such an extent that she even resented my being alive.

My father was upset. When he walked back up the stairs and back into the house, Kay again began screaming like a wild animal. Sensing that I obviously wasn't going to be able to talk with my father anymore, I decided to leave.

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