Dream of: 14 September 1976 "Bleeding Turtle"

I was at the Gallia County Farmhouse with several other people in their early 20s. At first not too many people were here, but then more came until the Farmhouse was too crowded. I wanted to take a bath, but so many people were here, I had to wait.

I was married and my wife was here with me. I loved her and felt she likewise loved me. She said something that made me angry. I had some water in my hand and I threw a few drops in her face.

Some people here had caught some turtles. I also, had caught two, but I wanted to let mine go back in the creek because it seemed that people here were mistreating the turtles. I let one of the turtles fall to the ground and it was badly injured. It lost a leg and much blood, which poured out like tomato juice.

I encountered a Chinese person and told him he was a "fucking pig."

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