Dream of: 01 August 1976 "Lyrics Of Songs"

I was in the forest near Portsmouth with Cha Cha (the younger sister of my old Portsmouth girlfriend, Sussie) and some other people. I wanted to be with Cha Cha. I had my motorcycle with me and another motorcycle was also parked there.

I kissed Cha Cha and she liked me. I began writing her a letter on some lined music paper.

Another girl who was prettier than Cha Cha was there, but I didn't go to her.

Someone began riding my motorcycle around through the forest.

I wanted to leave. I kissed Cha Cha again. I told her I would write her a letter and I said, "Listen to the words of the song if you want to understand the music."

I had said that because I didn't think she paid much attention to the lyrics of songs.

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