Dream of: 04 July 1976 "In The First Grade"

I was working as a photographer for Master Portrait Studios. The studio was in an old house near Carter Caves, Kentucky.

Since school was beginning, I had received permission to take two days off to go to school. I was in the first grade. My supervisor, Elaine, was supposed to take me. We started to leave, but then I changed my mind and I said I didn't want to go to school. Elaine simply said, "Every cocksucker has to choose his own way."

We went back to the studio. Dean, my boss, then said I had to go to Hearn, Kentucky to take pictures.

I had earlier told Dean I wanted to stop taking pictures. Since that time, I had changed my mind and I had decided I wanted to continue taking pictures. Dean said I could continue working as long as I wanted. I knew he thought I was a good photographer.

I couldn't find any clothes. I walked into a room where I found much clothing, but I didn't know whose it was. I put on a shirt, but it was too small.

I walked out to the road and began hitchhiking. A car stopped and I jumped in. Two men inside were friendly and I asked them if they were going to Hearn. They said no and I said I would then not be able to go with them. Then they said they could take me to Hearn.

Suddenly I remembered Elaine was supposed to take me to Hearn. I decided to leave the car, but the men wouldn't let me out. Afraid, I quickly opened the door and sprang out. The men stopped the car and came back to where I was. I ran but they continued after me.

I had a gun. I shot at them and then I ran to the studio.

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