Dream of: 19 June 1976 "A Beautiful Life"

A fellow named Dave and I had ridden my red Honda motorcycle out to some wide fenced-in cow pastures in northern Florida. We intended to search for psilocybin mushrooms in the pastures. After dismounting the bike, we forded a creek, made our way into a field, and scanned the piles of cow dung, the fertile home of the hallucinogenic mushroom. At first we failed to find anything, but finally we came to a spot where we had searched once before. The last time we had found two mushrooms here, and this time again we had luck: I discovered seven or eight mushrooms while Dave also uncovered a few.

But our fortune was short-lived: two people, standing near a house on a neighboring hill, had suddenly appeared. Dave and I were instantly alarmed, aware that we were blatantly trespassing, and that possession of the mushrooms was a crime. We scuttled back toward the creek, crossed over, and raced to my motorcycle.

To our chagrin, once we reached the bike, we found a man and woman stationed next to it. Clearly the two strangers knew what Dave and I had been doing. Since I realized that I had to dispose of my mushrooms, that I couldn't be caught with them, I crammed them into my mouth, chomping and swallowing them as fast as I could.

As I gulped down the mushrooms, I starred at the woman, who appeared ancient, and whose eyes shone red and blue. When she addressed us, announcing she knew two men who had recently begun believing in God, I rejoined, "Yes, it would be a beautiful life."

As I continued edging toward my motorcycle, the man and woman didn't try to stop me. They simply watched as I climbed on the bike, fired it up and rode off. Although I had been allowed to escape, I was acutely worried about my driving ability. Already the mushrooms were taking effect and I was beginning to feel like a small child.

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