Dream of: 13 June 1976 "Talking Nonsense"

I had been playing golf somewhere in Kentucky and I had lost my ball. Since I was close to the office of Bob Stamper (my supervisor when I worked as a portrait photographer at Master Portrait Studios), I went there and asked him if he had a golf ball. He said he would help me locate one; he said it wouldn't take long. We both boarded his car and drove off.

When we arrived at a beauty shop, I learned Stamper's job was supervising several beauty shops which my father owned. Stamper said I would think he was queer if I saw how he was going to obtain the golf ball.

We went into the shop where several people were working. Stamper went over to an old man who was sitting there, pulled a gold ball out of the old man's pocket and threw it to me.

The shop had formerly been Lucy's (a woman who rented space from my father for a beauty shop), but she had quit some time ago. Now two new girls were running the show.

As I was leaving I noticed my former schoolmate, Maxie, having her hair done. I nodded to her as I departed.

Stamper and I headed back toward Portsmouth; he was driving a Roadrunner. His own car was in the garage. He said he could drive 10,000 miles in a day; I corrected him and said 1,000. When we came to the US Grant bridge leading back to Portsmouth from Kentucky, we were halted by a group of uniformed men with some type of detecting device.

John Smith (an acquaintance from Pike County, Ohio) was now driving the car instead of Stamper. John began talking nonsense with the uniformed men about Jackson, Ohio.

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