Dream of: 04 June 1976 "Killed In An Accident"

My mother, my great-aunt Dorothy, my second cousin Don, my friend Weinstein and I were together in Portsmouth. We were waiting for my father to return from somewhere in West Virginia. Since he was supposed to have returned a day earlier, we were afraid something had happened to him.

Don and I left in a car which Don was driving. Unfortunately, Don soon wrecked into a wall. I injured my arm and the car was drenched in blood.

I made my way to a building. As I was standing in one of the rooms, a telephone rang. I answered the phone and a woman on the other end said she was calling from a hospital in West Virginia. She said, "Your father was driving at a high rate of speed, had an accident and was killed."

Shocked, I didn't hear anything else. I felt pain that my father was dead, but at the same time I was happy because I would now inherit his money.

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