Dream of: 17 May 1976 (2) "Trip To Japan"

I was in the upstairs bedroom of the Gay Street House talking with John Roach. He and his wife Monica were planning a trip to Japan. They were also contemplating flying from Japan to Europe. I pulled out some maps, pointed out the distances and began expostulating the advantages of such a decision. I told John that he and Monica could stay in Paris easily for $15 a day apiece. That would come to only around $200 for a week.

I was sitting behind a dresser and John's clothes were on the dresser. In one of the drawers lay some handkerchiefs with writing on them. Some woman then walked into the room looking for John.

For myself I was trying to decide whether to buy a car or a couch. The car was priced at $3,000, but I was hoping to buy it for only $2,100. The couch cost only $200.

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