Dream of: 04 October 1975 "Errant Prince"

It was in the early 1400s and the scene was on board a ship. A rumor had it that queen Maria Theresa was dying.

The next scene was on land and the year was 1558. A man was riding around on his horse and found a large black dog. The man lay down and used the dog for his pillow. The man seemed poor, but actually he was the inheritor of the throne. The queen had outlived her immediate heir. At one time she had been sick and the immediate heir kept saying, "Kill her. Kill her."

But the immediate heir died before the queen did. Now the young man was next in line. But he didn't want to become king and so had disguised himself as a tramp and had taken off when the queen was about to die.

A girl came on the screen and began to sing as if in an opera. I realized I was watching television. The girl sang for the return of the errant prince. It rather amazed me that the girl, who was holding a Viking-type shield, had on a transparent top so her breasts were visible. Another girl was with her and her small breasts were likewise visible. I was amazed at first to see this on television, but then viewed it as quite normal.

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