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Dream of: 22 August 1975 "Memorial Day"

Debbie O'Dell (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and I were together in a cemetery. She had parked her car nearby. We walked up the road a piece toward a little cabin. A man drove up in a car and Debbie said it was her father. He demanded she go immediately home. But we went to the cabin instead.

I then had to return to the cemetery for something. I walked part way, saw Debbie's car, boarded it and drove the rest of the way. I was in a hurry to return to Debbie because I wanted to have sex with her.

The trip back to the cabin seemed endless. I saw more cars pull up and I kept thinking it must be Memorial Day and the people were bringing flowers to the graves. Finally I made it back. Debbie was wearing a dress. I immediately went to her, embraced and kissed her.

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