Dream of: 17 August 1975 "Rock Festival"

I was at a rock festival (which reminded me of a rock festival I had attended in Watkins Glen, New York) on an island surround by a lake. A band, perhaps the "Grateful Dead," played. The act was to be followed by "The Band."

I saw Gunter (an imbecile I had seen in a tent revival meeting which I had recently attended while living a couple months in Trier, Germany). He looked like Joe Cocker.

After the festival was over, I left. I then met a group of people who were talking about the festival. They said that after I had left, a girl had sung and held the audience spellbound. Apparently she had been the same beautiful girl I had seen playing guitar and singing at the tent revival meeting in Trier.

When the people began talking about cleaning up the mess left at the festival site, I walked off and found a rake which had one prong broken off. I began raking the debris (which seemed like snow) into the lake. I could break off the debris with the rake and throw it into the water where it could melt. I had, however, to be careful not to throw the bag which I had with me, which was lying on top of the snowy debris, into the water.

When I found a tape player, I tried to hear the girl singing on it, as well as the voices from the crowd.

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