Dream of: 13 August 1975 "Plants And Ants"

After I walked out of a store and began hitchhiking, a car stopped and I got in. Clifford was in the car. He and I began talking about past events and he pulled out a tape player which contained a tape of a conversation between me and Hurley (a junior high school schoolmate). I tried to listen to it, but was unable.

I asked Clifford if he had ever smoked marijuana. He said no. I told him I had tried it often.


I found myself in a stadium with many people. On a newspaper in front of me I spread something which seemed like marijuana, but which wasn't really marijuana. I piled the substance into ten little piles, nine of which turned into living plants and trees. The tenth pile had ants crawling through it. Someone called the police and they came. They were the same police who had arrested me for possession of marijuana in 1972. They admitted they couldn't find any real marijuana, but they wanted to arrest me anyway.

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