Dream of: 09 August 1975 "Puk"

I was in some kind of university. I walked into a large room and took a test in German which lasted an hour. I then went into another room where I found waiting for me a second test in English with my name on the top. The room quickly filled with students. I looked at the test and asked a girl sitting next to me if it counted.

The questions were about vegetables. Questions two through five were to be answered by naming vegetables which are not cooked to eat. We were permitted to discuss the questions before we answered them and one attractive and eloquent girl mid-room led the discourse with lively gesticulations. I couldn't think of an answer. I thought of lettuce and radishes, but decided they could be cooked.

The next question asked, "How can the mushroom save mankind?"

At first I was at a total loss. One girl on the other side of the room laughed and said, "It sure can."

It was obvious she was alluding to psilocybin.

No one could seem to find an answer.

I began thinking of fairies. I tried to remember where I had read about the little creatures running around among plants and mushrooms and the name "Puk" kept running through my mind. Suddenly I knew the answer. I raised my hand and stated that the question was referring to the mystical experience alluded to by the psychedelic powers of mushrooms and it had something to do with the fairies.

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