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Dream of: 30 July 1975 "Room 49"

My father and his girlfriend, Kay, had gone to the county fair and left Kay's son, Jamie, with my second-cousin Jeff and me at the Gay Street House. Since Jeff and I also wanted to go to the fair, we left Jamie alone and absconded to the fair for a couple hours. When Jeff met a girl at the fair and wanted to stay longer, I returned alone to the House, where I sat down on the couch and quickly fell asleep. My father soon awoke me and angrily told me that Jeff hadn't returned and that no one was watching Jamie.

Kay walked into the room and we talked for a while. She said that since I was a young man, I should find a girl like her. She looked rather pretty; I thought I would like to hold her.

She and my father finally went to bed, but my father soon came back out to where I was. He said that he was sick and that he wanted to go to room #49 at Mercy Hospital in Portsmouth. He left and I awoke Kay. As she and I sat down next to each other and I told her my father was sick, our legs rubbed together.

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