Dream of: 24 July 1975 "Wanting To Go To School"

My mother and I were in a small store in Patriot where a man was playing pin ball. If he made 1,700 points he was supposed to win a ticket to Dreamland Swimming Pool in Portsmouth.

I told my mother I wanted to go to school. At first I thought I should go to the grade school at Centerville but then I realized I should go to Southwestern High School. My mother said the school was 3.8 miles from Patriot. I didn't want to walk that far. My great-aunt Dorothy lived in Patriot; perhaps I could borrow her car.

I also knew a certain Mrs. Woods, who lived in Patriot, had a motorcycle. Perhaps I could borrow it. I left the store and went to Mrs. Woods house. From outside, I could see a beautiful girl inside the house. I entered the house and walked into the kitchen where Mrs. Woods was sitting with her blouse opened so I could see her breast. I was told that her two sons, John Woods and Dennis Woods, had already gone to school. 

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