Dream of: 18 July 1975 "A Flood"

While I was in Trier, Germany, I wanted to find out where the foreign office was; so I went to the tourist information office by the Porta Negra. I walked inside and saw some women working at a counter. I thought they would all probably speak good English.

I walked into an adjoining room and sat down at a table which had a copy of the Portsmouth Times lying on it. The paper being here didn't seem strange to me. I thought Analiese (a woman whom I had met in Trier) had probably been to the United States and had brought the newspaper back with her.

On the paper was a picture of Gallia Street in Portsmouth taken around 1970. In the picture the street was flooded and all the stores were half covered with water. I thought the Gay Street House had also probably been covered with water.

My grandmother Leacy was in the room with me. I waited a little while and then went over to her. We hugged each other and she only said, "Three years. It's been three years."

We lay down on the floor and began watching TV. On the TV was a pretty girl and her boyfriend. The girl took off her blouse. My penis became hard. I wanted to see the girls' breast, but Leacy was lying close to me and I didn't want her to feel my penis. It was, however, too late and I was surprised to find Leacy rubbing against my penis. She also laid her head on my stomach. Soon the head of my penis was out of my pants and Leacy had put her tongue on it. I pulled her head away because I was about to have an orgasm.

I had an orgasm and sperm flew all over my stomach. I wiped off the sperm with a handkerchief. Leacy was now on the other side of the room; she was wearing an orange dress. A woman was lying motionless beside me. Leacy looked angry and surprised, but she looked strong.

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