Dream of: 16 July 1975 "Stolen Light Bulb"

I was at the Grandview Avenue House. I had stolen some books from the library and the man who lived across the alley was trying to prove I was the one who had stolen them. I had returned most books, but I still has a large Spanish dictionary in the House.

Some children had been stealing things out of our garage. They had taken a knife, the reel of a fishing rod and a light bulb. I decided to try to catch the thief. It was morning and no one was in the House except me. Someone knocked at the front door. I didn't answer, but watched the person walk along the side of the House back toward the garage. I followed along inside the House, then ran out back to see if the person went into the garage. The person was a young girl. She didn't go into the garage. She saw me as I stood in the back yard spying.

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