Dream of: 10 July 1975 "Man Overboard"

I was on a ship in Germany. Surprised to see Drew (a former high school classmate) on the ship, I asked him, "Du sprichst deutsch?"

He said he did speak German, but he answered me in English. With him was his girlfriend, whom I didn't know.

At first the ship was going through ice on top of the water. But then we were traveling on land, moving down a street. I could see cars on the other side of the street.

Buckner stepped up. We were standing on the back part of the ship. Suddenly the ship lurched forward and Buckner stumbled. He grabbed my arm and I grabbed a nearby door. But Buckner couldn't hold on and fell overboard. I screamed, "Stop! Help!"

Finally the ship stopped. A doctor who couldn't walk was there. Some men carried the doctor to Buckner. Buckner was in great pain; I cried a little for his pain. It looked as if he had broken many bones and could possibly die.

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