Dream of: 04 July 1975 "Grotesque People"

Buckner, Walls, Tindall and I were in a basement which seemed somewhat like the basement of the House in New Boston and somewhat like the basement of the home of Buckner's parents. We were all sleeping on separate mattresses spread on the floor.

In the night I awoke and thought I heard music playing. I was unsure if we had left the record player on upstairs or if we had left the doors open and someone had come in. I crawled over to Buckner's bed and woke him. I told him he must accompany me upstairs to back me up and find out what the noise was. We found two gold clubs and took them for protection.

We climbed the stairs, opened the door which led to the kitchen and saw about a half-dozen grotesque people sitting around drinking alcohol. Apparently they had broken in during the night and were having a party. I simply said, "Leave."

I was scared. The people began dispersing, but one man approached me and grabbed my club. I jerked it, pulling him with me; we began to struggle. Buckner helped me and we beat him off. We pushed him down the stairs. All the while Buckner and I were screaming for Walls and Tindall to awake and help us. They awoke and went over to beat the fallen man.

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