Dream of: 01 July 1975 "Tired Of Begging"

While I had been living with my mother somewhere in Portsmouth, I had heard that the person living next door had joined a book club and that he had received a book from the club in his mailbox. I had also learned that for some reason, my mother had sent the person next door an envelope which contained a check for $23, and that the check had also been placed in the person's mailbox. Before the person could retrieve the check from the mailbox, I had managed to steal the check (intending to repay the money later before it was missed). After cashing the check, I had become hungry and had bought a bottle of beer.

Ultimately someone told my father about the missing check. My father went to the bank to find out who had cashed the check, then he came to see me. When I saw him, I could tell from the look on his face that he knew I had signed and cashed the check. He told me he knew. He said that he had told the bank-clerk that his son had signed the check and that the bank had agreed to overlook it as long as I returned the money.

My father asked me why I hadn't come to him. I became emotional and told him I was tired of begging. I realized I had committed a crime, but I didn't feel remorseful. I just felt bad because I had been caught.

My father told me I must go to the bank and explain my involvement with the check. He also said I needed some new clothes, and together he and I went to Marting's Department Store in downtown Portsmouth to look for some clothes.

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