Dream of: 06 June 1975 "Abstruse Bible Words"

I was seated near some young high school girls at a public gathering. On my right was an empty seat next to the aisle. A girl was sitting next to me on my left. On the other side of the girl on my left, further down, sat another attractive girl (about 15 years old). I wanted to speak with the 15 year-old and I beckoned her to come sit by me. When she came, I moved to the empty aisle seat on my right and she sat down on my left where I had been sitting. When I realized that the girl who had been sitting next to me on my left had become displeased, I moved back to where I had been sitting, and the 15 year-old sat down on my right in the aisle seat. In the middle of the two girls, I put my arms around them both.

My father and my father's friend, John Roach (the man who had rented an office from my father in the Gay Street House for a hearing-aid business), had walked in and sat down behind me. Since I didn't want them there, as politely as possible I told them to leave. My father became angry, and he and Roach stood up. When my father then walked down in front of the stage, I followed him and we had a slight argument. He became angry and stormed away muttering something about some dope I had in the House in New Boston (a ranch-style house which my father had built on a high hill in the town of New Boston, which adjoined Portsmouth).

I immediately left the gathering and went to the Gay Street House. My father was already there. I wanted to leave but he forbade it. He told me he had called the police about the drugs I had hidden in the House in New Boston. Only able to cry, I walked around in a daze crying.

Since my mother was living upstairs in the Gay Street House, I went up to her and cried in her arms. She was sympathetic to my plight. I walked back downstairs where I found my father's secretary, Pitts. I asked Pitts if she knew what my father had done to me. At first Pitts thought it was funny and laughed, but when I screamed, pounded her desk, and shouted that I might have to spend my life in prison, she began to understand and she seemed concerned.

I carried a Bible back into where my father was. I began reading the Bible and explained to him some abstruse words to him.

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