Dream of: 16 May 1975 "Such a Mess"

Having finished college, I was now living in the Gay Street House. I walked up the attic stairs and entered the little room built into the attic. I intended to take a shower in the room, but when I discovered some gasoline had spilled on the floor and thoroughly seeped down between the floorboards, I feared the gasoline might ignite if I turned on the shower.

I walked back downstairs, where I learned my sister had been the one who had spilled the gasoline. After I found her in the House and asked her about the gasoline, she said she also had earlier gone up to the attic to take a shower. She had turned on the shower, had walked back downstairs and had fallen asleep on the couch while watching television. Twenty-five minutes later she had awakened, had gone back up to the attic, and had found it afire.

My sister and I were angry with each other, but I wanted to make up to her. I did something for her and we kissed. Then I put my arm around her and she, my father and I went for a walk. We came to Portsmouth High School and as we passed it, my father wanted to go in. My sister left us and my father and I walked inside.

I encountered the school principal, Charles Adams (who had been principal when I had attended school there), and I said hello. He slipped and said, "Hello Linda," but quickly changed it to "Hello Steven." I also saw George Heller, the assistant principal (who was walking with a limp), and I shook his hand. He ushered my father and me to a couple seats and loudly proclaimed he supposed I had made straight A's in college. He seemed surprised when I answered, "No, only for the last couple of years."

I sat down; no students only older folk (mostly black) were milling about. Adams and Heller left, and students began coming in. Music began and everyone began clapping and dancing. In a frolicsome mood, I stood up to pound my foot on the floor. I was wearing my heavy red and black shoes.

My father and I stayed for a while and then left. As we walked away, he said he could see why I thought the school system was in such a mess.

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