Dream of: 14 May 1975 "Snowing In July"

The news had been spread about that I was planning to become a psychiatrist. A young man came to me and said he needed help. (Anderson also seemed to be in the room.) I felt I could help the young man and I figured I would charge about $15 an hour. I took out a pencil and paper and we began to talk.

I asked questions similar to ones I used to ask when I had given hearing tests for hearing aids. I asked the young man if he drank a lot of alcohol. He said something about it snowing in July before he would miss his Saturday beer. He was nervous. I wanted to help him, but I didn't know what to do.

When another person walked into the room, the young man and I stood and walked to another room. I forgot about the money and we talked for hours.

Wearing my glasses, I was quite serious about the matter.

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