Dream of: 11 May 1975 "Charged With Murder"

A man who seemed like me was in love with a woman in Columbus, Ohio. The man and woman separated because they felt their relationship would damage their respective careers. The man however still loved the woman.

He was in a bar one night and saw her there. She had been drinking alcohol and was in a dissolute state. He saw an old friend of his with her  apparently her new lover. He became angry, rose and shot the other man.

He then went into an alley. He was carrying some hearing-aid books, which he knew could somehow convict him. He ran away with people screaming behind him as he left. He went to the bus station. One bus passed with the sign Detroit in its front window. But he boarded a city bus and rode through the streets of Columbus.

Still he had far to go and ended up in a Spanish town. He disembarked and still carrying the books, searched for a place to hide them. He saw a brick wall and one loose brick. He decided to hide the books there.

Eventually he was charged with the murder. By then the man (who seemed increasingly like Michael Corleone, the character played by Al Pacino in the movie The Godfather) had many witnesses to prove he had been nowhere near the scene of the murder when it had occurred.

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