Dream of: 10 May 1975 "Piano With Missing Keys"

I was in a police station where I was informed I could be put in jail and paid $2.20 an hour for every hour I was incarcerated. I figured that was more than $50 a day. In jail I could do what I liked; I could read constantly. So I agreed. A policeman took me upstairs to a room which had three beds. An old piano (with most keys missing) and some other furniture were also in the room. The policeman said when he left that he would lock the door and that I shouldn't leave. He said he didn't believe anyone else was in the room.

After the policeman left, I walked into a side room. I soon heard someone playing the piano back in the main room. I returned to the main room and found a man about my age sitting at the piano. I recognized him as someone who had attended Grant Junior High School with me in the eighth grade. He said he played on the few remaining keys only to keep his fingers in shape.

I left the jail. Soon, however, I wanted to return because I needed the money. I had to go through much trouble with the police to be readmitted, but finally I was let back in and happy to be back.

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