Dream of: 01 May 1975 "Overcoming Temptation"

Birdie, another person and I were walking across a field. Birdie was only wearing an ankle-length nightgown through which I could see the outline of her panties. We walked past some people, including Phil Lane, who were playing ball in the field. When we reached a fence, I held the wires apart as Birdie slipped through. I climbed over the fence at the corner where I was able to use the corner post to help me.

Some of the people playing ball thought Birdie was attractive and began shouting at her. One said that Birdie had had a good tan in the summer, but that the tan had faded now. She glanced at her skin, sighed and then moved on.

We talked about smoking some marijuana. I wanted to, but said no, I simply couldn't, because it would make me too nervous.

We reached my apartment, walked in and found Mike Walls and Randy Ramey there. I read a chapter from the Bible about temptation and how one must learn to overcome it. That made me feel rotten.

After Birdie lay down on the floor, I lay on top of her; we began kissing and I began taking off the shirt and pants she was now wearing. First I removed the blouse; when I removed her pants, I saw how beautiful she was. I was totally inflamed and she was also hot. I thought Walls, Ramey, Birdie and I could have an orgy.

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