Dream of: 18 April 1975 "I Have Only Begun"

I was attending classes in my last quarter at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. For some reason I had to take some courses which didn't particularly appeal to me, but which were necessary to complete my work and obtain a degree. One class was a geography class and was in a seminar format. The students sat and discussed geography. The female teacher had us look at a map. I couldn't read it at first, but then realized it was a map of the Mediterranean region. The teacher had us read part of an accompanying text, which identified various cities in Spain. I didn't understand at first exactly what was happening and I didn't much care. The cities in Spain had Italian names, something like Verona and Venetio.

I then went to a second class which was also a seminar. In class we talked about the two words "stranger" and "barbarian." I was seeking some absolute meaning of the words. The talk had something to do with considering all strangers barbarians. I remarked that simply because two people knew each other, it didn't mean they weren't barbarians in the eyes of others. I implied that an absolute definition couldn't be found and that the definition was relative to the individual. Most students said nothing. I was apparently expressing myself well, because the professor (a young man hardly older than myself) commented upon my remarkable handling of the subject. I replied, "I have only begun."

I returned to the first class. I hadn't done the homework which had been assigned. I wasn't particularly upset, however, because I felt I could do it during class. The teacher however immediately began collecting papers. I had the paper with the work we had done yesterday in class in my hand. Hurriedly I tried to copy from a fellow sitting next to me the assignment for the day, but I didn't have time and had to hand in a half-completed paper. Then the teacher began to read about the map of the Mediterranean and I became engrossed in the lesson. I was really having a fairly good time and wasn't worried about grades or anything. It seemed a relief to be in class.

Then I went to lunch. For some reason, I had been wont to leave my toothbrush at the entrance of the cafeteria at the cash register. When I came in view of the place, I saw some lady about my age pick up my toothbrush and leave with it. I ran after her. I was furious, but at the same time rather delighted to be catching her in the act. I decided to make it rough for her and rather than simply grabbing her, I decided to tackle her. I did so and we both fell to the ground. She immediately jerked away from me and sat screaming at me. I stated I simply had wanted my toothbrush. But she was uncontrollable. She said she was going to get me. We both then went to the lunch room entrance and she told the man at the register I had assaulted her.

He immediately called someone on the phone. The fellow he had called came and I recognized him as a fellow who I knew was a librarian at Alden Library and had a black belt in karate. He soon left to fetch a higher authority.

Meanwhile, the lady (whom I now found to be quite charming and attractive) and I began talking. She had calmed down considerably. She had cut her lip when I had tackled her and it was bleeding slightly. I had a drop of bright, red blood smeared on my clothes. As we stood talking, I asked her why she had stolen my toothbrush. She said she needed it to get some money with, but she wouldn't tell me how she intended to use the toothbrush for that purpose. She said she had paid for a year's instruction in French with money obtained in that manner. I was quite curious because I needed money myself.

Soon we were both sorry for having involved the authorities in our quarrel and we wandered away. She said she was going to France in a couple days. I didn't want her to leave. We kissed. I was in ecstasy. We returned to the lunch entrance and a crowd gathered.

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